The Value of Receiving Regular Plumbing Maintenance in Canberra

By having your system inspected, cleaned and repaired regularly, you remove things that could lead to problems in the future like clogs in your drain lines, loose pipe joints or outside factors causing damage to the pipes. We can also test things like water pressure, build–up of minerals and sediment inside pipes and the efficiency of your fixtures and appliances. [...]

Tips for Finding a Good Plumber in Canberra

Finding a plumber or someone who can assist with your plumbing in Canberra can seem like a daunting process, especially if you are a plumbing novice yourself or don’t have any experience of finding a plumber. However, finding a plumber in Canberra doesn’t need to be the difficult or stressful task you may assume it is.


Choosing the Right Plumber in Canberra

The decision is an important one: not only will a stranger be working in your home; they'll be working with complicated, potentially dangerous systems that, if not repaired correctly, can result in serious damage to your home. In the worst-case scenario, bad plumbing can lead to serious health hazards. So it’s of the utmost importance to be well-informed and keep [...]