Plumbing wrench

What is a plumbers wrench called?

The Stillson wrench , or Stillson-pattern wrench , is the usual form of pipe wrench , especially in North America. Another type of wrench often used on pipes, the plumber wrench , is also called a pipe wrench in some places. The Stillson wrench is an adjustable wrench (spanner) with hardened serrated teeth on its jaws.

What does a plumber’s wrench look like?

A basin wrench consists of a long shaft with a pair of asymmetrical jaws at one end and a transverse handle at the other end. The two jaws form an assembly in which the jaws are joined with a pivot pin.

What can I use instead of a pipe wrench?

And while the pipe wrench is still used for steel and iron pipe , it has mostly been replaced by tongue-and-groove pliers, also known as channel-type, slip-joint, or Channellock pliers (a brand name that has become a generic term).

Why is a monkey wrench called a monkey wrench?

Hall sent a clip from World Wide Words, an etymology website, which suggested that the wrench got its animalistic moniker because it was similar to a “key wrench ,” but was different enough to be called a “non-key” wrench . That awkward phrasing was then corrupted to ” monkey wrench .”

What tools do plumbers use?

The Plumbing Tools List Pipe wrench . Basin wrench . Adjustable wrench . Faucet key. Pipe Work. Hacksaw . Tube and plastic pipe cutters . Plumber’s torch. Thread sealing tape.

Is a monkey wrench a pipe wrench?

The term monkey wrench is also sometimes used loosely, usually by non-tradespeople, to refer to the pipe wrench (owing to their broadly similar shapes), but tradespeople (plumbers, pipefitters) usually speak more precisely than that. A wrench with smooth jaws (no teeth) is not used for turning threaded pipe .

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What is a can wrench used for?

A can wrench is a wrench made to open a telephone distribution terminal also called a telco can or demarcation point box. One end of the can wrench is a 7/16 inch hex socket used for recessed fasteners on closures, and the other end is a 3/8 inch hex socket for use on binding posts.

What’s a basin wrench used for?

A basin wrench is a specialized tool for installing or removing kitchen and bathroom sink faucets. With its long shaft, it’s designed to reach up into the tight space underneath the sink and loosen or tighten the mounting nuts that are very hard to get to with other tools like standard wrenches or pliers.

How do you unscrew a shower head without a wrench?

Step 1: Remove the Shower Head By Hand Grip the shower head or the connecting nut, depending on the design of your shower head . Turn counterclockwise to unscrew and remove the old shower head . If you need more leverage, hold the shower pipe with your other hand as you turn.

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