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Are toilet seat fittings universal?

No, there isn’t a standard size for all toilet seats , due to a variety of toilet styles. There are key measurements that you will need, even though most seats are adjustable to fit the most common toilet bowl shapes. The measurements are: The distance between the fixing holes – where the screws are.

Do all toilet seats fit all toilets Australia?

Toilet seats are available in a range of sizes and designs. Due to the wide range of brands and shapes of toilets available, there is no one size fits all when it comes to replacing a broken toilet seat .

Which is the best toilet seat to buy?

The 8 Best Toilet Seats of 2020 Best Overall Toilet Seat: Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat at Amazon. Runner Up, Best Overall Toilet Seat: Kohler K-4636-0 at Wayfair. Best Value Toilet Seat: Best Designer Toilet Seat: Best Round Toilet Seat: Best Elongated Toilet Seat: Best Heated Toilet Seat: Best Hygienic Toilet Seat:

How much does a new toilet seat cost?

The national average materials cost to install a toilet seat is $47.78 per seat , with a range between $28.25 to $67.32. The total price for labor and materials per seat is $133.78, coming in between $106.05 to $161.52. Your actual price will depend on your location, job size, conditions and finish options you choose.

How many different sizes of toilet seats are there?

Toilet seats don’t come in sizes , but they do come in two different shapes: round toilet seats and elongated toilet seats , each of which correspond to two different toilet bowl shapes. Round toilet seats are still the standard in most homes, and they’re the toilet seats you typically see most often.

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Do all toilet seats fit all toilets?

There are industry standards for toilet seats – all toilets have seat post holes on 5 1/2″ centers – all elongated bowls are 18 1/2″ from seat posts to front of rim, and all round bowls are 16 1/2″. Any manufacturer’s seats will fit any toilet manufacturers bowls if they are standard round or standard elongated.

How do I know if my toilet seat fits?

Measure the length of the bowl from between the seat bolts to the outside edge of the front of the bowl . If you have a round bowl , this dimension should be about 16.5 inches. If you have an elongated bowl , the measurement should be around 18 to 18.5 inches.

When should I replace my toilet seat?

When to Replace Your Toilet Seat The toilet seat is broken/cracked. The toilet seat is stained. The paint or finish is worn off. The hardware or hinges are broken. The color or design is outdated/ugly. The toilet seat is uncomfortable. You just don’t like it!

What is the most comfortable toilet seat?

The Most Comfortable Toilet Seats Bath Royale BR620-00 Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover. Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat . MAYFAIR Toilet Seat 830NISL 000 with Chrome Hinges. Bemis 800EC 346 Toilet Seat with Easy Clean & Change Hinges. MAYFAIR Toilet Seat 830NISL 000 with Chrome Hinges.

Are elongated toilet seats more comfortable?

Elongated toilets , and toilet seats , are thought to be more comfortable than round shaped. They more closely fit the shape of a persons bottom when sitting and allow enough room, in front and in back, for all toilet based activities. Choosing elongated vs round really comes down to the shape of the toilet itself.

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Are toilet seat covers out of style?

Toilet seat covers are not only outdated, but they’re incredibly unsanitary. Remove it and reveal your sparkly clean toilet .

Is it hard to change a toilet seat?

Installing a new toilet seat is an easy DIY project. Whether you’re replacing yours because it’s old, or because you just want a new style, all you need are some basic tools and a few minutes. Unbolt the old seat , then pop the new one in place using the hardware included in your new toilet seat’s box.

Can I put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet?

An elongated toilet seat will technically fit on a round toilet , but the fit and comfort may be compromised. An elongated toilet seat will likely overhang a round toilet which may be fine unless the rim of the toilet is visible within the opening of the toilet seat .

Does Ace Hardware have toilet seats?

Toilet Seats and Parts at Ace Hardware !

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