Should You Repair or Replace Your Toilet?


Toilet problems such as poor flushing and clogging can be irritating and often frequent, especially if your toilets are old. There are some issues which can be easily fixed by you and that can keep your toilets functioning properly for as long as possible; however, if these issues become more frequent, requiring constant repairs, replacing your toilet can be much more cost effective solution. The question is – when is the right time to replace it instead of repairing it? Here are some tips which will help you to easier make your decisions when to call for a professional for a repair and when your toilet is ready for a replacement.

Some toilet problems can easily be repaired by anyone with basic DIY skills while for some you will need help from a professional plumber in Canberra.

You may notice that your toilet refills itself without previous flushing and the reason for that could be a bad flapper or flapper seat. To stop water leaking into the bowl, empty both the tank and bowl and check if your toilet needs a new flapper.

A hissing sound coming from your toilet is usually a result of water coming from the supply line, through the inlet valve, leaking into your tank. The reasons for this issue can be many, such as problems with the float, inlet valve or refill tube. This is why, to diagnose the fault quickly and turn your toilet back to its operating condition, we recommend you to hire a professional plumber in Canberra.

A clogged toilet is an issue that almost every homeowner has experienced. Moreover, clogs are usually the most common reason for weakening a flush. There are many ways of unblocking it. For smaller clogs, you can use either chemical drain cleaners or a plunge. However, more severe clogs require some more professional methods and this is when you should seek help of an experienced professional.

Sometimes the reason for a faulty toilet can be a leaky seal. The main problem is that with standard models, there are over five seals that could leak and you need to diagnose which one is malfunctioning. You can screw up the bolts which may stop the leak. If, however, the problem persists, do not wait to get professional help.

Repairing smaller toilet faults, with or without anyone’s help, is something that, from time to time, each homeowner needs to deal with. If, however, your toilet is in need of frequent repairs, especially performed by a professional plumber, you can save a significant amount of money by simply replacing it. So, do not wait for worse damages, get a new toilet for your household that will give you peace of mind.