Hot water heaters are essential part of your households in Canberra.

But, hardly ever you think of it unless you take a cold shower because your water heater is not working properly or there is a tank leak which probably prevents you from taking a shower completely. These are clear signs that your heater has stopped working.

Some less obvious ones, which indicate improper performance of your heater, include: tinted water from your taps, decreased water temperature without changing the setting or moisture around the tank. If any of these occur, you need help from a professional plumber. For having your hot water back as soon as possible, trust our reliable technicians at FC Plumbing who will provide you with the most professional repairs in Canberra. They will promptly identify the problem and complete the repair usually the same day. If a replacement is necessary, our competent plumbing experts will help you to choose the right heater for your home in Canberra, considering your family’s needs, energy efficiency options and your budget. Whatever your choice may be: a gas, electric, propane tank or a tankless heater, technicians at FC Plumbing Canberra are experienced and qualified to install all brands and sizes. Amongst the major brands we install, repair and service, we highly recommend the following ones:

– Rheem hot water systems
Due to its high quality and innovative hot water systems, Rheem has been recognised as one of the leading Australia’s brands for water heating. It offers gas (continuous or tanked), electric, solar and heat pump hot water systems.

– Dux hot water systems
Dux has been building its reputation as one of the most reliable Australian water heating brands for 100 years. They pride themselves in providing some of the most energy efficient solutions when it comes to: gas (continuous or tanked), electric, solar, gas boosts solar and heat pump hot water systems.

– Rinnai hot water systems
As one of the market leaders in the heating industry, Rinnai has developed its range of highest quality hot water systems, taking into consideration the environment, low emission technology and high efficiency. Their products range from continuous gas and electric to solar hot water systems. Let’s discuss your plumbing needs!

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