Your Water Heaters – Is It Time for Replacement?

plumbingHot water in our homes is not something that is optional. We all need to take a shower and wash dishes daily. This is why having a functional water heater is MUST. Although some components can be replaced once in a while, your water heaters won’t last forever. You need to know when it is the right time to call a professional plumber in Canberra to replace it if you want to avoid its complete failure. Here are some signs which can show you that your units are reaching their end.

First of all, think of its age. In most cases, tank heaters can last up to ten years. After this period, many issues can occur, such as corrosion, wearing out of components, tank cracking etc. If you cannot recall when you purchased the unit, have a look at the serial number label where you can find the date when it was produced.

If your water coming from taps and shower starts getting colder or runs out quicker than usually, that could be a sign of your heater’s imminent failure. It may happen that only one heating part has failed which can easily be either fixed or replaced by a professional plumber in Canberra. However, you also need to know that, over time, sediment builds up at the bottom of your tank which reduces its ability to properly heat water and in which case you need to think of replacing your whole unit.

Corrosion of your tank can cause rusty water coming from the shower and taps. Regular checkups and replacements of the anode rods which attract corrosive elements in water will protect your tank from corrosion and prolong its lifespan. However, if your tank is completely rusted out, the only right solution is hiring a plumber in Canberra to install a new water heater.

Rust can cause your water heater leak. Other causes for a leak can range from easy to very serious ones. The issues such as loose drained valves and flexible water supply tubes require simple and inexpensive repairs. If, however, the tank is leaking, be aware that this problem cannot be fixed and that the whole unit has to be replaced.

Sometimes, there can be a loud banging coming from the water tank. The hardened sediment settled at the bottom of your tank can expand the tank, forcing your heater to work harder. So, if you hear some noise from your unit, it is time to call a plumber in Canberra and get a new water heater installed.

If your heater experiences any of these symptoms, do not wait to call a professional for a detailed check up of your unit.